rwanda 2014/15

documentary and portraits

Johanne St.Louis launches DODA International

Leroux is the password for the Vimeo file above.


2015 was a particularly prolific year for both my wife Johanne St.Louis and I. Upcoming new footage includes her latest projects and a return to the screen for some of those seen here, which is footage I compiled from several sources. This video was used to raise awareness for our current trip from which we returned in May 2015, I look forward to sharing new material from that trip soon.

I marvel watching my wife Johanne while she does her work on our trips to Rwanda. It also gives me amazing opportunities to document incredible stories, but it might be Joh's own story that ultimately is the most interesting. It offers me a vehicle into many worlds as I watch her working from group to group, upgrading facilities and skills for marginalized students ranging from a vocational insitute to a small village workshop - and all those involved, benefit from her contriburtion.

I find other subjects of my own to follow within and outside of the spheres in which Johanne moves but which ever the case, I am equally intrigued by following and documenting Johanne on her daily exersions in and around Kigali as I amdoing my own thing. It all becomes one and the same experience finally when I get home and begin processing it.


Kirmironko Market In Kigali Rwanda 2015

  • Fruit Lady

  • Eric Patrick & Eric

  • Muslim Madonna

  • Market Boys

  • Young Market Mother

  • Sisters In Spirit

  • Egg Lady

One of those many projects I did on our trip to Rwanda 2015 was Portraits Of The Vendors of the Kimironko Market in Kigali Rwanda. This proved to be a challenge on so many levels. But once the shooting technique was decided, trust built over several weeks and I had chance to get to know the market and it's character, I was able to begin. The shooting itself was extrememly short and to the point - I had to capture something within a minimial window of time. In most cases, I knew I would only be allowed a matter of seconds to get both a shot to give to the subject as well as getting the shot I was after.