Never underestimate the power of media even with a little project like this. The local SHOP BROCK initative asked me to produce this piece to help promote awareness of the work they are doing in the community of Brock. By involving local artists and businesses in the process of beautifying our town, they have ignited a lot of enthusiasum and pride while at the same time stimulating tourism and commerce.

The Banners of brock

A behind the scenes look : The laser-cut banners of Brock Township.

We take on projects for different reasons and those reasons can change from project to project. This one I took on just because of where I live and how much I love this community. The story-structure of this program is very similar to many of the artists interviews I done over the years. But this one allowed me to follow the industrial process of production and tell the behind the scenes story of the banners which is always fun for me. The best part is interacting with the participants in a way that keeps the story moving ( physically ) while they explain their role in the process. It's always a challenge to get away from formalities of the standard interview set up and keep the situation flowing - but if you can accomplish that, without loosing the conversation, it's much more engaging for the audience.