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    NLP- has participated in many alternative-learning environments within the Indigenous communty of Ontario. Planning and implementing an intense hands on program, usually running for up to 5 days, has been an annual endeavour for many years. Often involving at-risk Ingidgenous youth, the programs run by Enaahtig Healing Lodge are particularily effective.







  • The Sweetgrass Road Sessions

  • conceptualization in a contemporary context

    Workshop training for the next generation of Indigenous Artists.

  • Performance // Technology // Traditional Dance // Drumming // Sound Design // Theatre

    Sweetgrass Road Program  Enaahtig Healing Lodge

workshop teaching: Infusing tradition & empowering youth to express fearlessly

From many of the Indigenous youth I have worked with over the years, stepping into my workshop is their first hands-on experience on how to use professional equipment. I am always astounded at the speed by which most students adapt to technology and begin to express their ideas with a camera or microphone. Establishing a safe and respectiful learning enviorment is the first step. Empowering a person to create expressions of their ideas for the first time is a privledged position for me and one that I take to heart. Friendships and working relationships forged during these sessions have lasted a lifetime and strengthened our communities of emerging Indigenous artists.

The frenetic energy of a Sweetgrass Road youth program or a concentrated learning situation of any kind can be a challenge. But the results go far beyond the artistic or aesthetic achievements realized by the participants when you become aware that for many, this is a rare moment in time for them to entrust others with their true feelings and expressions in a safe supportive environment. A good portion of the time is spent in sharing circles and verbalizing feelings. The workshops emphasise the relavence of Traditional Knowledge in a contemporary world. Through this highly accredited program, articipants acquire the tools that help them to access their cultural voice and express themselves through their projects.

Sweetgrass Road: A video of the five-day workshop program is produced each year.