Adapting to the artist:     Conveying the Concept

    In the year 2000 The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation and Northlight Pictures began a project that continues to this day. Martin Hunter, then president of the foundation decided that beyond the 8,000 dollar award given to each of six recipients in different disiplines in the arts, the foundation would also produce an interview of each to introduce audiences at their annual awards night to those recieving the awards. What has resulted and continues to grow with each year, is a invaluable archive of very talented people, describing in their own words, how they work.

  • 20th Anniversary Video for the K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation Artists' Awards
    Sharing The Artist's Vision

Art of the interview

Needless to say, interviewing this many artists has a profound influence on my perspective of the arts and the creative process itself. I always feel honoured moving into an artist's space and when I do, I try to make my engagement a shared conversation as much as possible. I do however, in the final edit, cut myself out. Originally these interviews were made to entertain and inform the audiences of the annual awards nights just prior to the presentation of the recipients cheque. But over the years many of the artists have used their video-clips to promote their work or as part of their grant applications.

To see all the NLP videos of The K.M.Hunter Charitable Foundation Artists' Awards since 2000, visit the link - but don't forget to come back.