A       GROUND BREAKING PSA series

    This ground breaking public service initative was the result of a partnership between the Ontario Federation Of Indigenous Friendship Centres and The White Ribbon Campaign. The materials generated in this project were used across several applications including a training booklets and cultural competency course guides as well as it's orginially intended use as a series of posters.

    The posters were widely distributed to front line Aboriginal service providers accross the province of Ontario and were translated into 5 different Indigenous languanges Most noteably this campaign marked the first time in Ontario we saw men in a widespread campaign speaking on behalf of abused women and against domestic violence. The complete series of images were shot over a 6 month period at various locations from Kenora to Cornwall, North Bay to Ottawa..

Indigenous Men speaking out against domestic violence

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin  =  I am a Kind Man

This 2007 poster series and community action kit was developed with NLP portraits, to encourage Aboriginal youth and men, to speak out against violence against women.