• scenes from Commercial Productions since 1987

    Commercial TV Production in the 90s

    Director / DoP Bernard Leroux

    Directing from behind the camera, telling stories

    that transpire in seconds.

"We've come a long way sine the 90s with technology, but it's still about performance and storytelling in the end." Bernie Leroux

"The group mind does not think in the strictest sense of the word. In place of thoughts it has impulses, habits, and emotions." Edward Bernays


"Bernard, we will now perfect, imperfection."John James Wood

I love to quote my original mentor John James Wood, he had a deep influence on my creative approach and he just said the funniest things. Shooting auto running-packages for Ford at J.Walter Thompson out of Denver Colorado, presented some interesting production challenges and after weeks of shooting, you see so much of your work fly by in fleeting seconds on the screen. The result is a high concentration of visual images and stories at an intense frequency, the persuasive effect is irresistible for some. In America in the 90s, everything was a big send up, like a Broadway show.